I had an old PC that no one use and it was look like it's only electronic waste. I thought it can be usable as an network device but big PC case it's not good for that. So I just take out all electronic from it, take out electronic from power adaptor box and connect them in the shouse box (I can't find anything better). You can see the pictures of it in gallery. I had to make some boot workaround because that was an old PC and it's BIOS not support booting fro USB even after BIOS upgrade. I just put floppy drive with boot floppy with PLoP Boot Manager. Next step which i had to do was to find some small linux distribution which can boot from an USB flash memory and has good support for networking. I didn't found anything good to my requirements so I start to customize slax linux distribution and slaxrouter being.


Customization of slax was going nice and I thought to share this linux distribution. I lived only core slax module and removed some unusable packages from it and I add madwifi drivers. I created some more slax modules that are usable for network device. I also created webmin slax module from the latest sources with only necessary webmin modules. Webmin is a web based administration tool that is helpfull for router configuration using web GUI. There is no webmin modules to configure wireless access point and bridge at the moment but I think it will be nice to write it and share it by creating new sourceforge project. I started to make Slax Router web page and create link to first Slax Router release.


I created thread on slax forum to see wat users think about Slax Router project and what changes should be done. Slax Router 0.2 release created with changes described below. I changed a little login screen - link to slax router project added, default user and password to webmin added and how to run webmin service removed. Webmin service and ssh are under xinetd control now, xinetd is run when system starts by default. Webmin and ssh services are starting now automaticly when user try to connet to them. Few slax modules created from unofficial slackware packages in 0.1 release so I replaced them with new slax modules created from official slackware 12.2 packages. Webimn default theme changed, few more webmin themes added and two new webin modules added - Dynamic DNS and NIC Diagnostic.


I didn't change anythink in Slax Router project for few months but as I writed before - it will be nice to write some new webmin modules that will be helpfull with wireless access point and bridge configuration. So I created new sourceforge project called "bridge tool" - new webmin module for linux bridges managing. Bridge tool source code is stored on SVN and webmin wbm module can be downloaded from More information about this project you can find on bridge tool home page.


Slax Router 0.3 release is avaiable. Few new tools are added like: arpwatch, irpas, nbtscan, tcptraceroute. Some external modules are included in core module now: dhcp, hping2, iproute2, libcap and nmap. Two new packages are inclued to slax core module: grub and perl-net-ssleay. There are also some chenges in webmin - some new webmin modules are added - bridge tool is also available. Default webmin access is changed to SSL for better security. There is also posibility to install slaxrouter on hard disk by using slaxrouter-install script.


Slax Router 0.4 release is created - it's based on slax-6.1.2 and it's include 2.6.27 linux kernel. Two QoS tools are added: cbq-init and htb-init. Newest webmin 1.510 version replaced 1.470 from earlier releases. Some new webmin modules are added like: tcpwrappers, grub, lilo and fdisk. Webmin bootloader modules are working after Slax Router hard disk installation only.