Slax Router linux distribution


Slax Router is a slax based linux distribution dedicated for routers, bridges and access points. This is not oficial version of slax and the slax author is not responsible for it. Why slax was chosed? Because it's live CD distribution that is easy to customize and has many tools for that also it's easy to make it bootable from USB flash drive. Users can easy make changes on it and customize for they own needs.


Using slax router it's easy to make usable network device from an old PC. With slax router you can share network connection by configure routnig, bridging and/or access point. There are also available services like: firewall, NAT, VLAN, DHCP, DNS, VPN, PPTP, IPsec, Proxy, FTP. Remote access is avilable by SSH or Webmin - web like administration tool.


  • Bridge (bridge-utils-1.2)
  • VLAN (vlan-1.9)
  • Access point (hostapd-0.5.10)
  • PPP, PPPoE (ppp-2.4.4, mgetty-1.1.35-72, wvdial-1.56)
  • PPTP (pptp-1.7.2, pptpd-1.1.4)
  • IP routing and TCP/IP network traffic controll (iproute2-2.4.7)
  • Wonder Shaper (wondershaper-1.1a)
  • Firewall and NAT (iptables-1.4.2, shorewall-2.4.5)
  • Dynamic routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP (quagga-0.99.11)
  • SNMP (net-snmp-5.4a)
  • VPN (openvpn-2.0.9)
  • IPsec (openswan-2.4.5)
  • SSL tunneling (stunnel-4.08)
  • DNS (bind-9.4.2)
  • DHCP (dhcp-3.0.3)
  • Proxy (squid-3.0)
  • FTP (proftpd-1.3.0)
  • Multi server daemon (xinetd-2.3.14)
  • Remote access via ssh (openssh-5.1p1)
  • Remote access via http (webmin-1.470)
  • Network tools

  • ARP discovery (arping-2.04)
  • ARP monitoring (arpwatch-2.1a15)
  • ICMP, TCP/IP packet costructor (hping2-rc3)
  • IP connection tracer (traceroute-1.4a12)
  • Network scanner (nmap-4.76)
  • Network sniffer (tcpdump-4.0.0)
  • Network conections monitoring (netwatch-1.0a)
  • Network utility (netcat-0.7.1)
  • NetBIOS Name Network Scanner (nbtscan-1.5.1a)
  • Routing protocols packets generator (irpas-0.10)
  • TCP Traceroute (tcptraceroute-1.5beta7)
  • Wireless scanner (kismet-2008.05.R1)
  • Wireless measure (wavemon-0.4.0b)
  • Bandwith and latency measure (iperf-2.0.2, netperf-2.3)
  • Other tools

  • Perl (perl-5.10.0)
  • Midnight commander (mc-4.6.1)
  • Vim editor (vim-7.2.018)
  • Whois (whois-4.7.26)
  • Wget (wget-1.11.4)
  • Lynx (lynx-2.8.6rel.5)